November 1, 2011: Thank You, Starcharger!

Starcharger has been game admin since early 2010, and has done a fine and reliable job of keeping the Acutron running while Kira and I were putting out fires elsewhere. The time has now come for another attempt to actually get this game launched, and that will surely require some serious code-tweaking. Since we're going to TRY to keep the game running during alterations, Kira is resuming the post of admin . . . thus shortening the communication loop between coder and admin to as near zero as the speed of human neurons permits.

SC has our gratitude, and, as of now, the Service to the Acutron badge . . . an entirely virtual reward . . . which, in this virtual universe, is the most lasting kind.

Hail, Starcharger!

-- Steve Jackson

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