November 3, 2011: SoFNN- Harvest Game Underway!

Harvest Mega, Turn 5!

Bringing you the best of the best since we started feeling like it and you started paying attention!

Action Item: Drew Carey Lynched By 99% Of UC Players, Since The Points Clearly Matter!
- Harvest Game, the latest UC mega (Editor's note: An anagram of "Game", by the bye), got underway a few cycles ago. Scoring of the overall points, which surely matter, starts being accumulated based on the current cycle. Despite being an obvious point of a points game, we thought we'd, er, point it out.

Second Item: Gang Violence Picks Up By "Player Haters"!

- Just last cycle, Wedifact, the HW of Inviso-Commander Sarigar was stealthily stolen by 'fellow' Inviso-Commander Capps. The native population, now working for Capps, has made a statement through its spokesperson: "We have pre-orders in for low cost HSF... one might say that it's completely Capps-locked."

Third Item: Sky Falls At Alewine- Chicken_Little Blamed!

- The nozama hordes of Chicken_Little landed in force, easily capturing the planet Alewine this past cycle. Eyewitnesses report the commander was so busy, he looked like he was running around just like a chicken_little with its head cut off.

And now, a word from our sponsor: Ghandi's War College/Small Kitten Rescue- "Come learn about our 'chakra and awwwwwww' campaign strategy today!
Travail, UC News Reporter

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