December 8, 2011: SoFNN- Harvest Game Ends!

The most recent mega competition, Harvest Game, ended recently. After a long run to the finish line, which took 37 long and involved turns, River perservered with the right combination of everything to take the win! We at SoFNN would like to congratulate him by noting that, in Harvest Game, a River did indeed run through it.

Overall top 10 finishers (and points) were as follows:
River 1163
Solitar 1153
Mokat 1089
Cargo Cult 1086
DarkHorseSki 1003
Hcobb 952
Unfortunate Simian 952
BrianTheBrave 946
Planet-Killer Bartuc 933
JollyBones 933

Gold badge winners for each race were as follows:
Cargo Cult- Xiron
Darkhorseski- Nozama
Solitar- Zenrin
Loras- Ectonian
MuddyWaters- Swamp Beast
River- Entradashar
Kevlarik- VaT'ak Warriors (2 megas in a row!)
Hcobb- CNM
Jollybones- Mah Tog
Unfortunate Simian- Guir
Mokat- Arachnon
BrianTheBrave- Sxullborg
Planet-Killer Bartuc- Orn

Congratulations to the overall winner and race winners, huzzah for the survivors, and condolences to the commanders who did not make it through to the Harvest! Keep an eye out for the next games to open up to see us through the holidays and New Year! Also, keep your other eye out for some new PUB games to open in the coming days/weeks.

And now for a word from our sponsor: Military Spitball Surplus, Inc.- "We're all about class warfare!"

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