December 13, 2011: Holiday Rings Ready To Rock!

Two new Holiday Ring games are now formed, and will use classic scoring (most worlds wins). The maps were built at 8pm Saturday, and the first tick will be Monday Dec. 19th at 8pm CST. Expect maps through the games, as Mapmaker Thrognor has promised his usual indispensable star charts to plan by!

Tick times will be 8pm CST, with no ticks on Christmas Day (Dec 25) or New Year's Eve (Dec 31).

Note: You must complete a solo game before you can enter one of the ring games.

Lastly, a new large PUB with unit modifications allowing all fighters some carry, and the smallest ground units are stealthed, allowing them to ride in a fighter to your target! Umail Ultimatequestion for the password to join Spacecrew Delight- there are still spots open to join, especially if you missed the Winter Rings!

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