March 4, 2012: SoFNN Update- Carrier Wars End!!

The most recent SJGames/Ultracorps mega competition, Carrier Wars, has ended at 30 turns. Congratulations to all commanders! We encourage all those who utilized the HC4 to comment in the appropriate Discussion Forum thread on the usefulness (or lack) of the modified HC4, its playability, the economic repercussions, and so on.

Overall top 10 finishers (and worlds) were as follows:
Travail- 61
Ornot (IMMMIFlatline)- 52
Unfortunate Simian (Randiv)- 49
Agramer- 47
Knightmare- 39
P_Schoenhoff- 33
Arillus- 32
Kilvan99- 31
Bull Halsey (BrianTheBrave)- 30
Solitar- 25

Gold badge winners for each race were as follows:
Thrognor- Xiron
P_schoenhoff- Nozama
Sentrion- Zenrin
Hair10- Ectonian
Knightmare- Swamp Beast
DJPatch- Entradashar
Unfortunate Simian- VaT'ak Warriors
Travail- CNM
Agramer- Mah Tog
Darkhorseski- Guir
Solitar- Arachnon
Shadowbane- Sxullborg
Ornot- Orn

Congratulations to all commanders on a hard-fought campaign, and we hope all look forward to the next mega!

And now for a word from our sponsor: Clumsy Dairy Farmers on Antidepressants- "There's no use crying over spilled milk!"

Travail, UC News Reporter

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