April 24, 2012: SoFNN- Brief Update: Eye Spy Mega!

Eye Spy, turn 32!

Bringing you the best of the best since we started feeling like it and you started paying attention! Despite many expectations and more than a few hopes, Eye Spy something with my I that begins with A..... Another Tick! At least we can now expect only one more tick, which supports the famous quote: "On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero."

Action Item: Zpo Beaten By "Ardent Spatula"!
- "Gentleman Gim" Gimak added a few brushstrokes to Paint this past cycle, destroying "A to Z"po's garrisoning fleets in the takeover. Gimak told us: "The damage to the planet is all superficial- we'll just throw another coat of itself on it and it will look fine." In a contrasting statement, Zpo said: "Yeah, well, Gimak just Painted himself into a coroner!"

Second Item: Lucky Jump Seems To Have Been!

- Commander Habig "This Big!" took a jump at Lucky Jump, and was rewarded with a moderately unlikely victory, one which the "Wherefore Art Thou" Romeo battlecomputer predicted at approximately 37%. I guess it's not true: White Zen CAN jump!

Third Item: Xeno Phobia Manifests Strongly!

- A four-way fight at Xeno took place this past cycle, as 3 different commanders all attempted to wrest the planet from "He's a" Maniac. The planet went to Left "No Soap" Radio, after his large, mixed force used their 67 scan-o-matic pogo sticks to enter the fray. Seems to be a good thing he hadn't Left it for the final tick!

And now, a word from our sponsor: Beauty Pageant News Services- "Although she thought she'd won, Miss Perception was only runner-up!"

Travail, UC News Reporter

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