May 9, 2012: Long Haul Mega Now Open

A new mega game, "Long Haul" is now open for joining. This game will tick once per week for the rest of the year. If you're too busy to play in a regular nightly-tick game, then Long Haul may be the one for you!

We'll be starting a new regular mega game soon too. Visit the forums to chime in on what you'd like to see. You will be able to play in both games at the same time, if you wish!

Also, as a reminder, if you'd like to get e-mail notifications of new mega games, be sure to set up your prefs for that. Click the "View Your Profile" link in the Communications sidebar of the Lobby, then the "Edit Prefs" link on your profile. If "Receive e-mail announcements of new mega games?" is set to YES then you'll get new game announcement mail.

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