August 8, 2012: SoFNN- Summer's End And Long Haul Updates!

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Summer's End Action Item: Sentrion Upsets Boleyn Dynasty!!

- Commander "Who is stupider than you?" Sentrion sent a whopping fleet out to an antique fabric store this past cycle, and took Anne's Velvet in a successful attack. Asked about whether this was a usual or anomalous capture, he replied in an exclusive SoFNN statement: "I'm after Queen Anne's Lace in the near future."

Summer's End Second Item: Phunbaba Learns That "Dannial" Is Not Just A River In Old Terra's Egypt!

- Commander Phun- "It's all me until someone loses an eye"- Baba went after Dannial this past tick, apparently not knowing about the secret stash of HSF on the planet. A total of 6 (!) attacking Bike2's were totalled in the attack, stalling the ambitious commander's dreams of conquest. The words of Mark Twain, famous Old Terran author, are strangely appropos: "Get a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live."

Long Haul- Action Item: Sooperscuttler Misses Heaven, Ends Up In Purghort-ory!

- Handling a successful defense is no big thing to Commander Far "Be it from me to deny being a" Star, as he proved this past cycle to the invading forces of Sooper- "Thanks for asking!"- scuttler at Purghort. Sadly, many scuttlers in the attacking force missed both Heaven and Purghort-ory, as they were instead sent straight to Hell by Farstar.

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Travail, UC News Reporter

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