October 11, 2012: SoFNN- Ground War And Long Haul Megas!

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Ground War Action Item: X_streamist Finds Esprit De Corpse!!

- Commander X_streamist-of-the-X_treme invaded Esprit, where his zenrin commandos slew everything they saw, including a bunch of ornamental cabbages, which they slew into slaw. (Editor's note: No. Just no.)

Ground War Second Item: UltimateQuestion Toils Amidst Tribulation!

- Commander What's-9-Times-6? invaded Tribulation this past cycle, taking the planet after a victory which whittled ATR's into Scuttlers. Talk about travails and tribulations!

Long Haul- Action Item: Nothing To See Here...Now!

- Veteran Commander Mat-How-Many-Can-I-Attack-At-Once-urin captured the homeworld of Quincy2112 amidst a slew (Editor's note: Must we use that again here, even if it's correct?) of HW captures this cycle. To summarize all 5 captures in nothing approaching actual fact: Nothing to see here was Kloba'ed by an Orando-tang into Marshland Delight, by a score of 43-00.

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Travail, UC News Reporter

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