May 26, 2013: Elemental War Over, New Flavor Mega To Start!!

Congrats to the Air Team for breezing to victory with 171 worlds!

Fire guttered to a 170 world finish, Water trickled to 162 worlds, and Earth, um, settled?, with 158 worlds.

It's probably safe to say that Fire and Water ran out of steam at the end, while Earth helped to muddy the waters.

It has also been revealed that Water's favorite band is no longer Earth, Wind, and Fire, while Fire has boycotted all concerts by Air Supply. Meanwhile, Earth and Water enjoy Muddy Waters, but have told Steam to "Na na na na, hey hey, kiss your butts goodbye".

Okay, enough with the mixed element puns. The next mega, Vanilla Skies, is a standard scoring, individual mega with its own, ahem, unique flavor and atmosphere, and is open for joins.

Join now!

This message has been brought to you by our sponsor, Elevator Repair Services- "Because every business has its ups and downs."

Travail, UC News Reporter

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