July 12, 2013: SoFNN- 'nilla Skies Ends!

Vanilla Skies has ended, with Randiv (aka Orn-Ree) taking top honors with 48 worlds! Congratulations to the 'ornery' Orn specialist, not only for the win, and not only for being in the rarefied ranks of multi-mega winners, but also for hitting another major milestone- for his 4th (!!!) mega win! He stands as, now, one of the 4 most winning commanders in the 7 year history of SJGames' running of Ultracorps- truly an amazing accomplishment! Woot!

Rounding out the top 5 were:

2nd - Travail (Noz) at 43 worlds
3rd - Oddity (IMMIFlatline) (Guir) at 37 worlds
4th - River (Xiron) at 30 worlds
5th - Hardluck (Arachnon) at 26 worlds

Rounding out the remainder of the "top 10", there was an incredible 5 way tie for 6th place!

Breakers- Cosmic Needle Men 22
BrianTheBrave- Xirons 22
Nozandy (Andy6474, Author of Romeo)- Nozama 22
Sandsorb- Arachnons 22
Sentrion- Arachnons 22

Join me in a special congratulations to Sandsorb for his first top 10 finish!!! (Awesome!) For race-gold badge winners, please check the rankings of Vanilla Skies.

SoFNN has had assurances from Gamesmistress Kira that the next mega will be coming soon, right after the player base recovers from the last one. Theme and style are as yet undecided, so keep your eyes and ears (and snouts, sense-tentacles, tympanic maws, antennae, etc) open for announcements!

New players, and players still getting their feet (and tentacles, paws, claws, etc) under them are recommended to play solos and pubs in prep, to come be social in chat and ask questions, and to read some of the strategy forums to look at opening builds for various races, developing strategies, diplomacy, and so on, before the next mega opens up. Your virtual empire's life may depend upon it!

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Travail, UC News Reporter

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