November 28, 2013: Sort Of Fantastic Network News: Zombiezzzzz! Turn 25: B'th, B'th, B'th, B'that's All Folks!

News, news, news, from the Sort of Fantastic Network News!!

No guesswork here, sports fans- the zombie apocalypse ends tonight. Hang onto your brainzzzzz, unless of course you've already become part of the zombie apocalypse. We at SoFNN would, of course, like to welcome our new undead overlords with open arms and full-face motorcycle helmets on.

Zombiezzz! Action Item: Let's Just Say He Ain't Flowing To The Sea, To The Sea!!

- At this point in Zombieverse, Commander River might be looking for a little loneliness- he's just not about to get it. Beset by 4(!) enemies at once, one might be able to find fault with his diplomacy, but not at all with his build choices or defense work! Out of 62 competing empires, River is still managing to rank 26th in overall FP, and retains mobility of his forces and a means to defend his territory. New players- THIS is how you do it when the going gets tough.

Zombiezzz! Second Item: Worlds Which Define Outcomes!!

- Safe House....was, as Shadow repulsed Felshade. If Only... Solitar had more FP to stop Hcobb. Bloodmatch... certainly was, but the zombiezzzz helped Arzool by eating Solitar's forces' brainzzzz.

Zombiezzz! Third Item: We're Not Sure What A Blordigram Is, But We Don't Want To Receive One!!

- At least not after the fireworks there this past cycle, when the population-chewing forces of BrianTheBrave ate their way through 823 zombiezzzzz of NiteFever to capture the world. It seems that one cure for the 'Zeke' infestation is to burn worlds right to the ground and start over. In related news, BtB Enterprises has announced a new business venture: 'Planetary Redecorating', but we're not sure that the process will ever be that popular, except for the Sxull and Spider crowd.

And now, a word from our sponsor: The Snickers-for-Katniss Fund- "Because you turn into a diva every time you get hunger games."

Travail, UC News Reporter

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