February 23, 2014: Ornery Mega Ends With Three Snaps... In A Zees!

SoFNN would like to offer congratulations to Zees67 for his win, bringing his total number of mega wins to an astounding 5!

It's kinda like 4, but one louder...

We would like to congratulate and list the race winners for Ornery:
Orn- Zees67

(Editor's note: Wasn't that easier than most megas?)

Stay tuned for the next mega game, which will be opening when everyone recovers from Ornery. (Editor's note: Especially Kira.)

We'd like to offer messages of sincere admiration and/or condolence to all commanders in Ornery, depending on whichever is appropriate. We have compiled a list of the most entertaining homeworld names from this mega, and list them here for your amusement:
Taps Make Me Orny- Knightmare
Orn to be Wild- Elnoeleo
Orn Again- Andy
Phenomenorn- Skullsplinter
Ooooooooooorno- Doodah (as advised by Mr. Bill)

Congratulations also to Sentrion, who has been collecting race badges (Editor's note: "We don't need no steenking badges!") and finally has a complete set of silver.

This news message has been brought to you by the Shakespeare Fashion Design Company: "Once more into these breeches, dear friends!"

Travail, UC News Reporter

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