November 24, 2014: Halloween Bomb Goes Off!

Congratulations to Breakers for his win of Halloween Bomb, the latest Ultracorps mega game!

He finished the game with 39 worlds, edging out Brian the Brave (who finished with 38) in a hard-fought contest which went down to the wire.

With the Halloween mega and its amazing bio-bombs finally done, we at SoFNN would like to wish all commanders happy holidays as they come up, and encourage them to post new ideas for the next Mega game in the forums.

There is a new PUB open- 12 players, ticking every other night (so plenty of time for moves). It's open for joins, starting the night after Thanksgiving: "Black Friday Bundaru"- check out the PUB games to join up and fill out the game! (And maybe get some practice before the next mega

Enjoy the 'break', and keep an eye out for the next great Mega game!

Travail, UC News Reporter

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