January 18, 2015: SoFNN Brings You Coverage Of : New Years Bash- Turn 12 Update!

Many commanders have embraced "New Years Bash", taking the opportunity to start bashing on some neighbors!

Action Item: Dominion Over Heavens And, Er Dominion!
Dude22 went in with TAPS and SUVv3's blazing to bust up Domino's dominion over Dominion. In an exclusive statement to SoFNN reporters, he said: "Let the Dominos fall where they may."

Action Item: Kniggits Finds Entra Level Position!
Commander "Silly English" Kniggits is conducting a very successful first (as far as we know) outing in the greater universe, achieving decisive victory over the inactive Maestro at the former Entradashar HW of Entra Prime. Admirers of Kniggits liken his lightning fast moves and stealthy maneuvers to ancient Terran martial artist, Bruce Lee. Apparently happy with the comparison, Kniggits has been quoted as responding: "Hey, it's just like that scene in Entra the Dragon, right?"

Action Item: Dominaria Now Dominated Area!
Klosh clobbered in klutzy clash as Koneko climbs, clanks, and clunks a clapping, clinking clangor to clean Klosh's clock. (Editor's note: Now say that 10 times, fast.)

We'd like to thank our sponsor, Soviet Blood Disorders Clinic: "We specialize in treating Hammer and Sickle cell anemia."

Travail, UC News Reporter

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