February 10, 2015: SoFNN Update: New Years? Bashed!

As all active commanders know, New Years Bash ended on February 5th, Turn 30. SoFNN would like to offer congratulations to all commanders who strove for a piece of space to call their very own. (Editor's note- Even if they were the bashee instead of the basher.)

For those new to the 'points' game, the victory conditions involve far more than simply how many planets you have at the end of the game, and so strategy must adjust for it. In addition, when the player pool is much larger, scores tend to have a more wide range, and yet scores among the players end up being significantly closer. The top 2% of a category, which earns 10 points for that category, is only occupied by the top spot in a 40 player game, while in the top 4 spots of a 200 player game. (Editor's note- That means start recruiting yesterday. Hey, it's still fun AND free!)

Be that as it may, we at SoFNN have heard rumors about the next mega game which should be opening in the near future. Scientists from around the universe have reported unusual activity at a number of pulsars and quasars, and the action seems to be building towards some cataclysmic event. As of the time of this publication, it's unclear what the penultimate outcome will encompass, but this author would like to personally be the first to go on public record to welcome our new pulsar-goosing, quasar-pimping overlords to our little corner of space-time. I would also like to assure them that I am not the heroic type, and that my survival would do little to weaken their overlordy positions.

This message has been brought to you by our sponsors, Gua-Yes Guano Services, Inc: "If you don't like our product, you must be bat-poop crazy!"

Travail, UC News Reporter

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