March 30, 2015: SoFNN Report: Blind Spot Mega Underway!

More (any?) news to come soon, but Blind Spot mega, in which all scanners ability to pick up enemy fleet movements towards the worlds on which they're located has been snafu'ed by strange stellar-spacetime fluctuations. Irregularity of output of pulsars and quasars have been implicated in the malfunction, and astrophysicists are working on theories to explain and mitigate the problem.

It is likely they will succeed, but not until all commanders have felt the sting of the unknown/unseen... possibly at their home world.

For some of the more novice commanders with the time, a PUB game "New And Improving" is open for joins- 5 in at this time: JUST ONE MORE TO GET STARTED!! Join now!

Good luck- that is all.

Travail, UC News Reporter

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