February 6, 2019: New News, Turn 11

Turn 11 Mega News-- All the news, none of the fake!

In It For The Long Run!

- Sun Tzu took a relaxing jog into Marathon, subduing the population promptly as he crossed the finish line. Word is he immediately took the former Governor prisoner and strapped him into a chair, then began asking him over and over: "Is it safe?"

Charity Begins At Home!

- At least for everyone except Commander Gimak, who left home to take on the defenders of Charity. Early reports from elsewhere in the quadrant suggest that the leaders of Faith and Hope are looking over their shoulders nervously, and seeking allies.

Who Goes Lookin For Strangelove?!

- The on again, off again hostilities between Uncle Bob and Slim Pickens continue to smolder as the competing commanders exchange worlds and Bob does a flyby on Pickens' tower at over 400 knots! (Ed. Note: Nobody wants someone's butt. And, I think that about covers flybys.)

Sponsor's corner-- This report brought to you The Union of United Medical Examiners- "Don't let your government try to save money by cutting Coroners!"

Travail, UC News Reporter

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