October 6, 2019: Zombiepocalypse News!

Mega News and Reviews, Turn 6!

Big Brother Plays In The Kitty Litter!

- In well-executed battle order, Big Brother swept into Kittylandia to rapidly conclude a successful campaign against Koneko last tick, and completed his conquest with this tick. Mrrow!

I Just Wanna Get A Little Bit HI...1!

- An overflight of probing OSAA's sent by Xenofruit were destroyed over HI-1, but not without slaughtering nearly 20% of the native population. The plucky and resourceful Commander Geminoid has managed to recycle the abortive invading fleets into new ultranium. Asked if they would use it for memorials, the terse reply was "Hell nope: more big guns!"

Demon's Hearth Surprisingly Inviting!

- Placid Platypus brought his armada to Demon's Hearth this cycle, subjugating the native population with his GPA and supportive units. He was able to capture a huge scanner, but dismissed its usefulness immediately: "They didn't see ME coming, so how good could it be?

Sponsor's corner-- This report brought to you by Edward Scissorhands' Floral Shop: "We will always nip it in the bud."

Travail, UC News Reporter

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