January 30, 2020: Breakers Wins! Caruso Wins!

Two players tie for first in a decadent display of firepower and cunning!

Congratulations to Breakers! Congratulation to Caruso! Each player get a Badge for being the Winner in a Mega Game!

Placid Platypus gets the bronze ultranium medal for 3rd place!

Gerry.gadget, Starcharger, Russian, Black Knight, ScaryRaven, Dr_Sci and Arillus round out the Top Ten.

February is an off month. We will host a 12 player game for those who want to keep their glowing tentacles in the water. Come back about five days before the Ides of March (February 23rd)and join up to play in the March Mega Madness!

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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