May 3, 2020: Ubones Wins Again!

Ubones takes 1st in Pandemic! Starcharger gets 2nd and Dr_Sci takes 3rd!

11 year old Ubones chose his Undead name! 10 years later he sort of wishes he had picked another name. Sort of. In any case it's another Mega win for college student Ubones. He is skipping Escape to the Universe to study for his finals. Maybe the Department of Defense should hire this military mastermind?

April Showers is moving along. Mongrell is in the top spot, with Guderian and the Black Knight nearby.

Escape to the Universe has taken off for the stars and we expect Travail to drop a limerick and maybe a sponsored ad.

Look for a team game in the middle of May and a theme game June 1st.

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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