May 8, 2020: Breakers Wins!

Breakers wins big going away in the April Showers Mega Game! It was a close game at 32-31 and Breakers put it all in the air and took 11 planets on turn 24, wow!

This is Breakers 5th Mega win in recent recorded history. Congratulations Breakers! Your 5th ultranium ring is "in the mail." One for the thumb!

In 2020 Breakers has played in four Mega games and is averaging 9 Masters points per game.

Mongrell barked and growled and snarled his way into 2nd place! Black Knight and Gerry.gadget tied for third.

The team game will open for joining on the 11th after 8 pm. It will close after 8pm on the 14th and the two teams will jockey for position starting May 16th at 8 PM. Another Mega will start in June and we may keep at monthly games for a while after that.

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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