June 1, 2020: New Mega Game Infinita Starts June 20, 2020

The Infinita fell into a time crevice and the ancient ones activated a new gear! He busted through the space-time fabric going 140 speed. Easier to build, less expensive to produce, stronger and faster - will this spin the universe out of control? The game is open now and closes to new players on the 18th with a first tick scheduled for June 20, at 8am.

The Gigantos Team leads the Megabots Team 162 to 130 at the halfway mark. The Gigantos refuse to give up though and continue to state publicly that they do not intend to surrender any time soon.

How are we liking the two games a month schedule? It may slow down to just one game in June, unless the players say they like more games and not less. Chime in with your thoughts on game frequency, theme games, unit mods and more.

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral, Revised 6/3 with June 20 start date, revised 6/7 with 8 am start.

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