June 11, 2020: Habig Hits 2500 XP Wow! Wow! Wow!

It took 72 Mega and Ring games to do it, but Habig has scaled the high peak of Ultracorps to hit the fabled 2,500 level! Simply amazing! Congratulations Habig!!!

Only Solitar, inducted as a founding member of the Ultracorps Hall of Fame has more XP at 2,624 in 83 Mega and Ring games. Starcharger, former XP leader and solitary holder of the extremely rare and exquisite black and gold Acutron awards, rounds out the medal level with 2,362 in 70 games.

Rounding out the Top Eight in all time XP are: Gikiski 2275 in 72; Team game winner Farstar 2163 in 66 games; 4 Mega Game, 1 Team game and 3 Ring game winner Sentrion 2136 in 60; Team game winner HCobb 2105 in 66; 9 Mega game and 2 Team game winner and current member of the Ultracorps Admin team Travail with 2006 in 56. Welcome to the 2,000 club Travail!!! Only 8 players have accomplished that formidable and daunting feat!

Topping off the Top Ten are 2 Mega game winner Dr_Sci at 1920 in 55 games and Team game winner ShadowbaneX with 1828 in 52 games. It should be noted that every player in the top ten, active or not has logged in to their account within the last 50 days. Long dormant Sentrion woke up 10 days ago and a true living legend UC_Rommel stopped in a week ago. Does Ultracorps get in your blood? Or is it Ultranium poisoning?

The Team Game between the Giganto and Megabot Teams has been way too much fun to describe in this entry. Gigantos over the Megabots 191 over 125 at this writing.

I have been exchanging ultramails with original Game Designer Stan James, aka Sliver, who may pop in next week to take some of Mongrell's V2 220 speed bikes out for a spin in anticipation of the soon upcoming 25 year celebration. Name another online strategy battle game that's been around that long!

The Infinita Mega Game has quite a strong player base already and we have a week yet before players get locked out at the gates. You can be there, or you can be square. Your choice, who am I to judge?

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