June 19, 2020: Giganto Team Wins The Day!

Team Commanders Arillus, Dentritch, Dr_Sci, Eurydice1607, Fearless mutt, Goljerp, Greyhulk, Hair10, MaxV, Neotris9, Solitar, Starcharger, Travail, Wadd, and Zen coordinated together to pull off the big win for the Giganto Team 206 over 110 for the Megabots.

The Megabot team fought well and truly and should and will be commended for their valiant efforts. Participation medals will be awarded for those who did not win. aka The Megabots

Many players suggested that the game was loads of fun, so look for another team game in the future. Thanks to Kira for setting up the team game! What Starcharger had when he asked Kira for help looked like premordial soup. It would not have happened without you Kira!

The Infinita Mega Game game is closed to new players. The first tick runs at 8a on the 20th! The extended game length will support fast brutal endgame fleets. Plan accordingly. We have some veteran players returning after many years away. Ignore them. They are peaceful now.

Come into the chat room before the tick if you like. See the Ultracorps Facebook page and post your alias. Post in the forums. Do anything but scheme against moi! Verba non acta ! Words not deeds!

Look for something fast and light as a theme: Tenete lucem!
Or maybe slow and heavy? Lenta gravisque!
Acta non verba!
Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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