June 22, 2020: Tearilis Goes 5-0

Infinita News: Tearilis takes 5 planets in two turns for the lead. This is Tearilis' first Mega Game ever, so go easy on the new guy. He's only played in one solo game, and finished with a respectable 7 turns.

Breakers, Goljerp, Hair10, Travail and Trebor are tied for 2nd place. That puts 15 players with four planets all in a pack sharing 7th place. 13 more commanders are tied for 23rd and hold three planets. Three players are plus one, and four players are plus none. I wonder what the plus none strategy is? Absorb planets by osmosis? Blackhole seeking more gravity pull?

Tearilis' Stat Line: Rated 100, with a projected MP of 10, a perfect 5-0 battle line while leading in worlds, firepower, Victories and Win Ratio. Rumor is that Tearilis led in population too with over 1400 pop. However his winning Arachnogenerals seem to think that victory in battle means you can eat the indigenous population of the conquered peoples, or at least the ones you can catch.


Rating: 100
Projected MP: 10
Worlds Owned: 6 (1st)
Firepower: 117.16 (1st)
Population: 1135 (10th)
Net Worth: 9007 (1st)
Victories: 5 Defeats: 0
Win Ratio: 5.00 (1st)

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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