June 25, 2020: First to 10 planets in Infinita

The price of the Infinita moved. Panic buying causes banks to close, at which point the Guir Ultranium Tactical (G.U.T.) sent in V2 bikes to quickly open them back up.

Who was the first to 10 planets? The Commanders name is [REDACTED] and we all know what troubles that means. Don't tell, best to Zip up. Way over in the middle of the map we have a 10 planet empire and a one planet utility easement. 10 plus 1 equals ?

Don't worry about {REDACTED}, he has no ships. 9 game winner Travail seems to be starting to like that 2nd place spot.

8 more players round out the Top Ten.
Angry Emu, Caruso, Goljerp, OaktownDog, Sandsorb, Tearilis, Trebor, Zen The rest of the players wallow in obscurity.

Flatline got a badge he won in the dog days of late July in the year 2008. He won for Winning Avatar Entries in a Creative Contest. Click on his standings in XP and scroll down a dozen cold black outer-space years. Keep scrolling to see how he went 7,6,5,4 to finish a solo in mythic time. Scroll even farther to see Flatline finish a solo in 12 turns.

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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