July 5, 2020: Every-So-Often Acutron News Network

Infinita, Turns 16!

Whose Business Is It? Narnia Business!

"The" Black Knight turned back the ferocious attack of Xeno "Fear The" Fruit at Narnia this past cycle. A questionable food surplus has resulted from the attack, but Black Knight asserts firmly from within his command and control Wardrobe that no one is eating scuttlers at this time.

He's Back In The Ring To Take Another Swing!

ThyFloppyCactus finds new life at Lazarus, recapturing the planet from "Swamp Thing" Goljerp this past cycle. The mighty, victorious fleet was anchored by not one, but three Infinita in a move calculated to make commanders in the region at least a might cautious.

Finsterwalde Sees Big Bada Boom Worthy Of A Perfect Being!

Forbidden was, apparently, not, from bringing troops to Finsterwalde this past tick. Veteran commander Solitar put up a valiant defense, nearly obliterating the attacking fleet down to its component atoms after its fodder was chewed away in the first 3 rounds of combat. It went on to fight 7 more rounds on its own before falling. Certainly, Solitar's nearby planetary centers can breathe easier because of that Infinita's steadfast defense. (Editors note: Someone should buy that Infinita captain a beer. Um. Or maybe some term life insurance could be more useful, I guess. Now.)

This news update sponsored by the Committee For Estate Planning- "When you need someone to negotiate your anti- nuclear family proliferation treaty!"

Travail, UC News Reporter

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