July 22, 2020: Travail Wins! Is this the big 10 wins!

Historians differ on whether or not Travail's win in the Mega Game Infinita is his 10th win or not. Some people wonder about the wins that occurred in eras past and have almost, but not quite, been obliterated from memory and historical record. Others wonder if team games count. The statistical marvel will surely engender comments for millenniums to come.

Travail gets 1st place! Breakers gets 2nd and Orn Ree finishes in 3rd.

Solitar and Caruso fill out the Top Five. Maturin, Habig, Sandsorb, Tearilis and Dr_Sci round out the Top Ten! Great Game. I hope to host another Infinita Buff game next July.

A new Mega Game is now open for joining. No themes, no teams! It will be open for about 11 days and close on the 3rd of August for an August 5th 8 pm start.

Join Adventure Oasis now!
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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