August 15, 2020: Every-So-Often Acutron News Network

Adventure Oasis, turns 10 & 11!

Two Homeworld Captures In 2 Turns!

Zubenelgenubi was the first to fall, to veteran Commander Solitar last cycle, and Noxious to Hair "Today, Gone Tomorrow" 10 this cycle. Our analysts have suggested that the protracted interval to first fallen HW's may portend a more strategically- and tactically-matured set of commanders battling for supremacy, and salutes those embattled in Adventure Oasis.

Conan and ThyFloppyCactus Both Have Words for Crom!!

TFC brought lots of bots to best Xenofruit at Crom this cycle, taking to heart the planet's credo of 'crushing the skulls of your enemies and hearing the lamentations of their significant others'.

Stars Charging And Big Brothers: In Arms!

The war between Admiral Starcharger and Oft-Champion Big Brother heated up this past cycle, with multiple battles over contested worlds. SC has the edge on worlds and overall firepower, though BB has the edge on population and speed. Analysts are watching this one closely!

This news update sponsored by the Swiss Microbrewery and Clockworks: "When you've got the time, we've got the timepiece AND the beer."

Travail, UC News Reporter

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