August 20, 2020: New Mega Game Starting Soon!

We are about two thirds through our current conflict. It is time to think ahead.

Tactical Beacon gets a Solo 7. He logs on one day, and gets 12 planets in 7 turns the next. I think that commander needs a Mega Game to test out those new skills.

The September Spectacular spins up about August 31st. We stop issuing galactic entrance passes around the 3rd at which time the starting positions will be set. A day or two later we will light a slow fuse and wait for a big boom. There will be a variation or two to spice things up a bit; so if you have some ideas post them in the forum.

Travail leads! Is he going to win again? Solitar may have other ideas as he is in 2nd place. Starcharger is in 3rd. Zpo, Hair10, Breakers, Jodos, Habig, Panda, Black Knight, Dr_Sci and GerryGadget round out the Top Ten!

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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