August 30, 2020: Travail Wins A Mega In Every Race!

Travail has won 13 times with 13 separate races! Wow!

Starcharger gets 2nd and Solitar finishes 3rd! Breakers, Zpo, Dr_Sci, Tower, Zen, Gerry.gadget, Black Knight, Habig and Jodos round out the Top Ten.

Harvest (Blood) Moons is open now, closes in the morning on the 4th and starts the evening of the 5th! Check game information for game unit edits. The game will not tick for six days. Unlock the vacseals unplug your visual displays, take off your gravity boots, pull back your shoulders and breathe in that soothing molten metallic hydrogen.

Bountiful Harvest!

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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