September 11, 2020: Fall Feeding Frenzy

AntiTang and Dr_Sci are in a battle of the Titans for 1st place in Harvest Moons after 6 turns.

That may be an issue for those two as Black Knight, Caruso, Habig, Hair10, Jodos and mhLyvz are all only one back in a tie for 3rd. 7 players are tied for 10th - Arillus, Neotris9, Starcharger, Sun_Tzu, ThyFloppyAlen, Tower and Zen. Another set of contenders are just one planet out of the top ten and with 22 turns left they are jockeying for position to make a run.

Look for one or two Holiday Ring Games this fall and Winter, and possibly a fog event and other games ideas as presented and considered in the forums.

On September 1st ThyFloppyCactus nailed a rare Solo 5, and a single day later Neotris9 got his on the 2nd. Narcy7 and UndeadBones got 5's in 2019 and Malagster got his 5, or at least reported that he did, about this time almost 2 years ago. Nicely done Commanders!!! Kudzu and Habig are the next active players with Solo 5's and those came in 2010.

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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