October 12, 2020: Gold FnordCon Blitz Game Badges Awarded

FnordCon 2.3 was a smashing success and many virtual attendants stood back in awe of the highly decorated military uniforms of the Ultracorps commanders as the entered into a strange new universe of SJ Games.

Congratulations to the Tunnel Trolls! Shiny Gold badges were awared to the winning team of Dr_Sci, Kilraven, Solitar, Sun-Tzu, Takeshi, Tetrahydrocannon, Uglyonanape, X-Streamist, Zen and Zpo! The Tunnel Trolls skunked the Lightspheres by taking the top 8 individual spots and won going away with a world total of 161-23. One Lightsphere commander was over heard saying, "One more turn and I think we could have beat them."

Shiny Silver badges were awarded to Black Knight, Captain Cudzu, Caruso, Dude22, Farstar, ionathas78, Klosh, RyfLEktk, Sarigar, Sjchao999 and Starcharger.

HallowCorps(e), the annual Halloween Mega Game, closes to new players after midnight of the 14th, central time and starts at 8pm on the 16th of October, central time.
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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