October 15, 2020: Sun_Tzu Has Been On A Roll!

You may remember Sun_Tzu as the winner of Harvest Moons, our last mega game. He also just helped his team win the FnordCon 2.3 Blitz game. Sun_Tzu personally held the #1 spot in the team game too. A win on the 3rd, another on the 10th, and this does not take into account that Sun_Tzu has won the last two Halloween games also.

Sun-Tzu, aka Guderien the Great, aka Big Brother has topped that by getting the first Solo 4 in over 10 years. On February 1st of 2013 Sun got solo a solo 12, then a solo 8 and then a solo 7. Seven years later on October 12th Sun_Tzu got a solo 6, a solo 5 and behold the Mythic Solo 4. Sun_Tzu, interviewed under no duress and entirely without coercion, admitted that he got his Solo 4 on his 1st try. Sun's alter ego Guderian the Great got another Solo 4 on October 13th.

The Solo 4 this month on the 12th, and again on the 13th are the first that have been heard of in the galaxies since Rexmf got his Solo 4 way back on January 12th of the year 2010. 10 long years and now Sun_Tzu has broken the ice. Come on in! The water is fine!

Congratulations on a tremendous accomplishment! Well done Sun-Tzu! Well done UC_Guderian! You did what many had thought could not be done!!
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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