November 16, 2020: Orn Ree Tricks The Galaxy And Wins A Treat!

With six wins in this current era, Randiv now has one for the thumb and one for the other thumb too. Congratulations Orn Ree!

Malagster reports his way into 2nd place, if you can believe his writings. Big Brother garners the Bronze in 3rd. Solitar and Starcharger tie for 4th.

Dr_Sci, Ghouljerp, Spooxburg, Habig and RelicZen make Top Ten.

Expect two or three Holiday Ring/Mega Games starting before the Ultranium Harvest and ending after the the New Year. More games to play as the galaxy may be locking down and we will want to know who the virtual virtuoso's are. Frosty Ring will probably open any day now.

'til then!
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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