December 5, 2020: Zombie Infection Haunts Fleet Names

The annual Halloween Game with it's creepy, spooky fleet names has come back from the grave to haunt the winter holiday Ring Games. One commander, who will remain Anonymous, bemoaned the fact in saying, "Certainly puts a bit of a damper on the winter holiday festivities."

He who will not be named is in 1st. And he who is named Caruso is in 2nd. Dr_Sci, Randiv, Xenofruit and Yetiborg are tied in 3rd place at the 12 turn marker. Placid Platypus is lucky 7, with Breakers in 8th. UBones, also in 8th place, asserts in a lively manner that, "We didn't hex the fleet names." Gerrygadget and Mongrell fill out the Top Ten.

Frothy Ring is open for joining and will stay open to add new players for more than a week. Closing on the 13th after 8 pm, please note the morning start on the 15th. The Saucer and E-Class went in to have their skins shined and came out looking great and buffed up with a glossy shine.

Shall we run one more Mega game in 2020? Or are two Ring games enough? Don't be a blushing violet, let your thoughts be known.
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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