January 15, 2021: Holiday Ring Finishes Up

In the 2nd Holiday Ring Game, which will finish on the 16th, Gerrygadget is in 1st place with 46 planets! Zpo is only one away from 1st place at 45. BlacK Knight and Solitar are tied for a distant 3rd. Dr_Sci, Habig and Zen are even in 5th place. Xenofruit is alone in 8th, with Starcharger and Helgrenze fill in the current top ten.

The Mega Game Hope smiles is close to halfway done and Solitar leads with 19 planets. Xenofruit is in the 2 spot. Caruso and Starcharger are tied for 3rd. Dr_Sci, Jodos and Zen are all tied at 14 planets. Helgrenze are Hopeborg are at 9th and Dentritch is in 10th with 12.

Hope Smiles will keep a cheery face until February. Winter storms may be brewing by then.

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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