February 1, 2021: Gerrygadget Wins! New Mega Open Now!

Congratulations to Gerrygadget on his 1st big Win with 51 worlds!

Zpo fought hard and was close at the end, and also reached and held the center world in the Frothy Ring Game! Solitar rounded out the medal round with 37 worlds. Black Knight had 36 and Dr_Sci and Zen tied for 5th with 35. Xenofruit got 7th, Gimak 8th, Starcharger 9th and Helgrenze 10th!

A new Mega Game Rumble in the Void 2 is open now. The entry period to join will close on the 10th of February. The first tick is 2/13/2021 at 8pm SJ Games time. Large starting clusters. 30 turns, +/- 1. The Super Space, Raider, Instigator and Corvette Fighters have received a 10% increase in speed and have a carry of 1.

Look for a ranking game based not on worlds but ranking points for the next Mega.

We would like to see you in the game! XP, MP and Badges will be awarded!

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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