March 12, 2021: UltraCoin

King Kruel reigns with an iron-fist in a not very velvety glove. Sludge spreads through the galaxy uninhibited. What's this? A message from legendary Megabot 206, whose galactic exploits are without close rival, has penetrated the sludge.

Calling all races! Calling all races! Fight the Sludge before it devours you! The key to mastery is not in ownership. The secret is not in domination. The path of conquest follows the less-traveled space route.

Our new Mega game "Ultracoin" is open now to sign-up. Sign-up closes March 18th at 8pm Central Game time. First tick is on the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere of Earth. The game takes off at 4:37am on March 20th to mark the Vernal Equinox. The turns will then go to 8pm on the 21st and Ultracorps will tick each day at 8pm for 30 days total, +/- 1. This is a Points game and the winner is not determined by world count, but points. MP, XP and badges will be awarded.

Starcharger leads UBones with just a few turns left in Rumble in the Void 2. Caruso and DeJagen are tied in 3rd place and Habig fills out the Top 5. Better put filters on your viewer as the fireworks are expected to light up the night sky!

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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