March 23, 2021: UBones Wins!

That is six wins in a row for UBones, aka Undead Bones; but who is counting? The last Mega game Commander Undead played in without winning was a points game about two years ago. Nice win for UBones!

Kira Lightsphere said that if you have won a game and have not had your world naming award given out to you, then she will add a world-name of your choice to the Acutron World Name List.

The points game is good to go. New players can join for two more days and then we will make the map and open the game on Marfch 25th after 8pm. The 1st tick is March 27th at 8pm.

A fun announcement is coming soon.

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

March 16, 2021: UBones Wins!

News Disinformation Dissemination Specialist Malagster reports: Congratulations to UBones for pulling out the win in the last few ticks with 47 planets. Always nice to see (or not see) Cosmic Needle Men victorious!

A solid 2nd place to our news competitor / nemesis Starcharger with 37 planets. Those Xirion heavy cruisers are very effective at delivering the news to unsuspecting subscribers.

DeJagen, Caruso, and Raser011 round out the top 5, with 23, 22, and 21 planets respectively.

I thank you all for a good game, even if I did lose two homeworlds in two ticks near the end...

Stay posted for developing news on whether the Points game has enough carry for the fleet to deploy.
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

March 12, 2021: UltraCoin

King Kruel reigns with an iron-fist in a not very velvety glove. Sludge spreads through the galaxy uninhibited. What's this? A message from legendary Megabot 206, whose galactic exploits are without close rival, has penetrated the sludge.

Calling all races! Calling all races! Fight the Sludge before it devours you! The key to mastery is not in ownership. The secret is not in domination. The path of conquest follows the less-traveled space route.

Our new Mega game "Ultracoin" is open now to sign-up. Sign-up closes March 18th at 8pm Central Game time. First tick is on the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere of Earth. The game takes off at 4:37am on March 20th to mark the Vernal Equinox. The turns will then go to 8pm on the 21st and Ultracorps will tick each day at 8pm for 30 days total, +/- 1. This is a Points game and the winner is not determined by world count, but points. MP, XP and badges will be awarded.

Starcharger leads UBones with just a few turns left in Rumble in the Void 2. Caruso and DeJagen are tied in 3rd place and Habig fills out the Top 5. Better put filters on your viewer as the fireworks are expected to light up the night sky!

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

March 4, 2021: Solitar Won The Last One! Who Is Next?

Ultracorps 2021 begins with a boom as Solitar amasses a home-world hungry juggernaut and snowballs it downhill for the win. Check Solitars's game page to see his 5 Homeworlds taken Conquest badge and his Gold 8 notch Firepower Destroyed badges. The 5 homeworld extravaganza played out like this: CNM Hair10 falls into the Haystack in 11, and Guir Blokhead was glanced at boo bee in 20. Solitar then hits Sxullborgs Hopeborg in 22 at Smilandia with 700fp and then compiles an awe inducing armada by 32 at Narnia with 2500 firepower. The arsenal commanded by the all time experience leader with 2925 XP, took out Black Knight's 1,100fp homeworld defense in 4 turns. The last vestiges of this remnant then gathered at speed to cover 269 landing in force with 1777.17fp on Zenrin Zen's homeworld Guinness in just two turns. Solitar finishes with the top spot and 39 worlds. Starcharger places 2nd with 28 worlds, and Dr_Sci lands 3rd with 25. Jodos and Dentritch round out the top 5. Caruso, Xenofruit and Helgrenze finished out 6th, 7th and 8th place.

Ubones and Starcharger are tied for 1st in our current Mega game. Rumble in the Void 2 has about 10 turns to go. DeJagen, Randiv and Dr_Sci are in the hunt. The game is expected to end around the Ides of March, when many think that bad things often happen.

Look for a points games where world count doesn't win, and the most points does win. It will open up in the second half of March and should be a lot of fun.
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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