April 26, 2021: Dr_Sci designated as a new Admin!

Every eon or so the Acutron searches the hearts of commanders throughout the galaxy and deems it pleasing to itself to assign tasks to a new admin. Dr_Sci with a nod from Steve Jackson, a vetting by Kira Lightsphere, and a recommendation from Starcharger has become our first new admin since 13 game winner Travail started reporting news in the Lobby.

Starcharger has been starting new mega games for several years this time around. His hope and dream is to stay actively involved, but let's face it - he is older than dirt!

Dr_Sci has accepted his appointment with enthusiasm and says he is pleased "to do what I can to lead the game into the future" as Ultracorps approaches it's 25 year anniversary and will soon host it's 100,000th player.

In this most recent version of the game, Dr_Sci has been active since 2006 and has played in over 57 Mega games and multiple holiday ring games. Dr_Sci is a Mega game winner who ranks highly in average, master points and experience points and is known for amassing very large fleets and sending them out to gain battle. Often #1 in firepower Dr_Sci is both competitive and well-grounded. Please welcome our new admin - Dr_Sci!

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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