April 29, 2021: Orn Ree The Victorious!

In every mega game there is a victor. Today we honor Orn Ree for participating and winning Ultracoin. Orn Ree has now won seven mega games of which four while commanding the Orn race. Congratulations Orn Ree! Thank you commanders for your mega game participation. Commanders are encouraged to send a personal congratulating message through ultramail to Orn Ree.

New Mega Game about to start: Good hygiene required whether you have paws, claws, tentacles, hands or mechanical appendage. During the last conflict we understood that "King Kruel reigns with an iron-fist in a not very velvety glove". Did the sludge originate from an unsanitary glove? We call on all races and all commanders to check your neighbors paws, claws, tentacles, hands or mechanical appendages for good hygiene. Ensure that all neighbors are sludge free. If your neighbor is suspected of wielding sludge, sanitize all worlds and destroy all existence of the suspected sludge wielding neighbors. We know that the sludge infestation has made the population and ultranium twice as heavy to carry. Make use of the newly modified HC-4 Runway to carry more faster with a carry capacity of 800 and top speed of 70. The game is open now for you to join. Joining will close on May 5th at 8 pm. Shortly afterward we will populate the galactic planet map and assign starting positions to "Clean Commanders." Nobody planets will build on turn 24. The first tick will be on May 7th at 8 pm central daylight.

-- Dr. Sci, Fleet Medical

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