May 14, 2021: Hygiene Day Campaign Update

Currently in 1st place is Starcharger with 11 worlds, followed by tied for 2nd place Gerrygadget and current champion Orn Ree with 10 words and tied for 4th place are Caruso, Dr-Sci and Zen with 9 worlds. These commanders are really into sanitizing sludge.

The campaign is only 25% complete and we cannot overlook commanders BorgMeister, Solitar and Xenofruit with 8 worlds or overlook commanders Black Knight, DeJagen and Farstar with 7 worlds. I think it possible that Starcharger will tire from sanitizing all that sludge when seizing Anonymous' home world and a new leader could emerge. It's still any commanders game! Could Xenofruit emerge a leader after seizing Dude22's home world?

-- Dr. Sci, Fleet Medical

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