May 23, 2021: HC-4 Space Runway Prices Shoot To The Moon

Bulletin board options traders are buying and holding large contracts to buy lots of the rarely built heavy iron HC-4. One "expert" says there is no fundamental value underlying the inflated prices. Others point to the enormous 800 carry and rocket-like speed of 70 setting runway records. Are manipulators playing the market like a fiddle, or do value investors see something that is worth holding? One guess from this camp is that Runway is about to see a cost spike we have not seen since massive perks and buffs saw the ancient giant Infinitas chasing down 140 speed V3 Megabots and eating them for brunch.

Xenofruit is making a move in 1st, running away from Caruso and Starcharger. Orn Ree and Gerrygadget are followed by Borgmeister, Zen, DeJagen, Helgrenze and Black Knight. The first half of the game has had a few small battles, but nothing like we soon will see. Are the value Va'Taks going to bear down on the manipulating Megabots or will market mayhem send speedy runways numbers to the moon?

June Mega open now to join, closes late on the 1st with the 1st turn ticking on June 3rd. Anybody like fireworks?
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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