June 27, 2021: July Fireworks!

It looks like the fireworks may come a bit early this year. Zpo, leading in firepower, was overhead saying "I'll show them a thing or two!" after the stat sheets hit showing Koneko314 and Starcharger on top of the heap with 5 ticks extant. Jodos gained one raising him to 20 planets and a near 4th place, four ahead of Dr_Sci at 5th. Solitar and DenverChief tied with Black Knight ahead of Xenofruit and Gimak.

Look for a new game to open for joining soon. I expect it will start on or after the 5th of July.

Who wins the laurel wreath and gains Ultracorps Citizenship to the galaxy? In just five days we will be able to say, "We came, we saw and they conquered!"

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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