August 6, 2021: Solitars's Summer Strategy Succeeds

Solitar wins with DeJagen in 2nd and Starcharger in 3rd. Polarducky and Zpo tie for 4th, Blackknight and Zen tie for 6th, Caruso and Dr_Sci tie for 8th as Catbar meows into 10th. Good game!

Dr_Sci and Ertugrul are in 1st with a pack of 6 players just one planet back and six more are two back. MP is projected at 10 for 1st, 5 for being one planet back and only 1 MP if you are off by two worlds.

No news is good news, and what little news I have is good too. We are thinking up what might be fun in September. It will be fall so maybe a nice local game hosted at Twin Falls? But that is weeks away, so enjoy getting shisky and kebob one for me.

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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