August 30, 2021: Shish Kebab Sizzles

Shish Kebab is led by Dejagen with Dr_Sci and Starcharger in a distant 2nd. Zen and Gimak are within striking distance as they round out the current top 5.

The September game is now open for joining and will start at 8 AM on 9/5/21 SJ Games time.

Mahtog Melee gives a 20% CPX reduction for all fighters including bikes and Hurax. Scano's carry 2. Who can play as a Mahtog in their signature game and pull off a win? Who wants to try and stop them?

For thoughts on an early Mahtog build, see a recent bump of an old topic. Where else can you read ten year old threads like they were pertinent today?

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

August 17, 2021: Shish Kebab News

The "Shish Kebab" event is fifty percent complete. DeJagen currently in 1st place has something on the grill. Is it goat, lamb, poultry or seafood? Polarducky might have "polar duck" on the menu and is currently holding 2nd place. Currently tied for 3rd place are commanders Starcharger and Dr_Sci. Also in the top 10 are commanders Zen, Habig, Gimak, Denverchief, Jodos and Zpo. It's not over! Some commanders have taken time to lick the sauce off fingers or working a slower smoke. Solitaire not currently in the top 10 is no doubt a contender. Good luck commanders and happy grilling.

-- Dr. Sci, Fleet Medical

August 6, 2021: Solitars's Summer Strategy Succeeds

Solitar wins with DeJagen in 2nd and Starcharger in 3rd. Polarducky and Zpo tie for 4th, Blackknight and Zen tie for 6th, Caruso and Dr_Sci tie for 8th as Catbar meows into 10th. Good game!

Dr_Sci and Ertugrul are in 1st with a pack of 6 players just one planet back and six more are two back. MP is projected at 10 for 1st, 5 for being one planet back and only 1 MP if you are off by two worlds.

No news is good news, and what little news I have is good too. We are thinking up what might be fun in September. It will be fall so maybe a nice local game hosted at Twin Falls? But that is weeks away, so enjoy getting shisky and kebob one for me.

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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