October 28, 2021: Happy Halloween! Holiday Ring Games!

And to all a ghoul night!

A new ring game will be starting as the old one hits the wall. Join the galactic Battle Royale now!

After 21 turns: Travail tops, Caruso chases, Guinessman, Dejagen and Black Knight lead those who have fallen behind them in their struggling.

It looks like Zpo will become a living member of the legendary 2000 Club in XP. He will be only the 10th person to achieve such a lofty height in over 20 years of internet strategy and battling in a space war game. Zpo said, "It's rare air! Better Beware!"

Happy HollowScream!

Holiday Ring game now open, 1st tick 8pm on the 1st
-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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