November 2, 2021: Hell Harvest

Galactic Battle Royale started hot today. This holiday ring game has limited races and restricts fighters. Our 2nd Holiday Ring Game runs 28-30 turns and will close to players joining on November 8, The first tick is Wednesday November 10th at 9pm. X-5, X-6, X-7 and SSF will not be available as are the 7 races playing in Battle Royale.

Look for a team game in December.

Travail and Caruso are battling for 1st and Guinessman, Dejagen and Black Knight fill out the top 5 in Oktoberfest.

Is 2022 the 25th year of the Ultracorps battling darkness in the galaxy? Is the sludge winning, or do the Ultracorps have something up their armored sleeves?

-- Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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